A Guide on Using and Buying Varicose Veins Socks

varicose vein socks

Varicose vein socks are used as one of the treatment options for treatment of varicose veins. They are ideal for people who experience severe symptoms associated with this problem. The socks squeeze your leg and this reduces the amount of pressure put on the legs by the blood. These socks serve as a treatment option to reduce symptoms like pain, fatigue and swelling of legs. Some people may also decide to use varicose vein socks as a cosmetic option to conceal marks that come as a result of varicose and spider veins.

Using varicose veins socks.

Wear them during the day.

It is advisable that the socks are only worn during the day and this should be in the morning. Sleep time should be relaxing time so avoid wearing stockings at that time.

Don’t wear them on swollen legs.

Varicose veins socks should be worn before legs develop swelling to allow them to work correctly. Wearing them on swollen legs will only cause more problems by interfering with blood flow.

Make sure your legs are dry.

The socks should be worn on dry legs so this means that after taking a shower make sure the legs are completely dry before wearing them.

Caring for your socks.

Always wash your socks with warm water and a mild detergent. This will lengthen the lifestyle of your socks and they will serve you for a longer period of time.

Consult a doctor.

Before buying the socks get advice from the doctor concerning the various treatment options available. For instance if you have an arterial diseases, other treatment options apart from varicose vein socks is recommended.

Buying varicose vein socks.

They are available in many online stores and all it takes is to make an order. As long as the doctor has confirmed you free from any type of arterial disease, you do not require a prescription to buy the socks. The life span of the socks depends on the quality but a good pair should go for at least four months before replacement.

Here is what to look before buying varicose veins socks:

Select a recognized brand.

There are many brands coming up in the market and this might get a little bit confusing for you. To make sure you are not disappointed by a particular brand, always go for a recognized brand. Most recognized brands have been in the market for a very long time and they have already mastered the skill of making quality varicose vein socks. Some recognized brands are sigvaris and theraffirm.

Varicose vein socks

Cheap is expensive.

It is quite frustrating to keep shopping for these socks each and every month. It is therefore advisable to buy socks that will serve you for the maximum period of time. Price is one way of separating high quality and low quality. The price should however not be exaggerated keeping in mind that the range of varicose vein socks is $50 – $100. Anything above this price is a cause for alarm.

Length of socks.

Length of varicose veins socks comes in two options, knee length and thigh length. The choice of varicose vein socks will depend on severity of varicose veins. Knee length socks are most recommended but there are instances when thigh length socks are recommended. In cases where varicose veins have spread above the knee, thigh length varicose veins are recommended. The length of varicose veins socks entirely depends on individual choice and preference.

Level of compression.

Varicose veins socks, also known as compression stockings come in different compression classes and this depends on severity of varicose veins symptoms. There are mainly three classes and these include class 1 15-20mmHg, class 2 20-30mmHg and class 3 30-40mmHg. With research and ideas you can be able to choose the right class of compression that will perfectly work for your legs.

They can be worn by both men and women although many people think that men can’t wear them. They come in different colors and style so this means selecting your favorite will not be a problem. Athletes also are adopting the concept of varicose vein socks. They use them while in the field to increase their efficiency in sports. If you plan wearing them every day you might consider having two pairs for a change when cleaning the other pair.